The brand
Petit Mignon is a brand created in 2006, which since its beginning has maintained environmental concerns and sustainability as the main methodology for its creations, but it is more than a brand, it is creative design with meaning and evocation of memories. Nature, plants, animals and landscape are the primary source of inspiration, although Portuguese culture and folklore are also part of its figurative universe. We do not follow fashion trends but a very specific view that an accessory should complement the heart and soul of the wearer. Discover the collection to discover the piece that helps you express your personality and, if you can't find it, send in your request for something even more special!

The studio
In our small atelier we create and produce all the pieces by hand. The glass is hand cutted, hand painted and fired at a temperature between 720º C and 780º C to fix the colours. With a focus on Upcycling, we seek to draw attention to a material that usually ends up in recycling and in the production of industrial products. Recycling, although ecological, does not eliminate considerable energy expenditure compared to upcycling. Transforming a material of no great value into a jewel or a unique piece serves to awaken the consumer's reflection and awareness for the use of materials different from what is common in this area and encourage a new mentality of consumption and production of objects with low environmental impact. We try to have a diverse range of products, not only because it gives us freedom to create, but also because it allows us to reach more people without losing quality. Furthermore, each material we use has very specific aesthetic qualities that we are proud to explore and present to our customers.

The founder
Conventional studies in fine arts and silversmithing, unconventional choices of materials for her jewellery. Patrícia started the brand in 2006, when she learned how to work with glass in a friend´s workshop. It all started for fun and ended up being a career. Glass allowed her to make small objects people could carry with them and also to do painting, miniature painting. Above all, more than a silversmith she is a painter! But it all made sense when she realised she could use discarded glass as the main material for her craft.

We hope you find the work you see here, fun, sweet and whimsy!