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Yellow Tulip Charm Necklace

Yellow Tulip Charm Necklace

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Here you have a square little necklace with a hand painted glass of a cute yellow tulip. Flowers are always a fun and colourful theme to wear, and i know you will love to wear this lovely tulip. Its simple design also allows you to stack other necklaces (if you wish to do so) and have this touch of colour and joy as a centrepiece.
Discover the elegance of springtime romance with this meticulously handcrafted necklace for flower lovers and adorned with a charming yellow tulip illustration.

Feel the love in every detail:
🌸 Romantic Style: Perfect for adding a touch of spring to any outfit.
🌼 Unique Features: Hand-painted yellow tulip on upcycled glass, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.
🌿 Sustainable: Crafted with upcycled glass, promoting eco-friendly fashion.
🔥 Fired in a Kiln: Ensuring long-lasting beauty and durability.

✨ Necklace: Gorgeous square pendant style. The square measures approximately 1.1 x 1.1 cm, the chain is 46 cm. 
💛 Tulip: Beautiful yellow tulip illustration.
🎨 Hand-Painted: Skilled artist hand-paints each tulip for a unique touch.
🔶 Materials: Upcycled glass, gold plated brass and durable stainless steel.

Celebrate Spring:
🌷 Cottage Style: Embrace the beauty of cottage-inspired floral charm.
🌟 Gold Plated Brass and golden stainless steel: Adds a touch of sunny golden color to your accessory collection.

Note: All products are hand painted so it takes time to get them finished! Because they are handmade, there may be some differences between the piece you receive and the one in the picture. Please be aware that there may be colour differences due to your screen settings when viewing the image online and also because this product is hand painted and fired.

Petit Mignon creates original melted glass jewellery from waste glass. Ever since the brand was founded we have wanted to make something sustainable and eco-conscious, which is why we use discarded glass as the raw material for our pieces. We combine artisanal production methods with traditional techniques where glass is the main protagonist.
All fusing artworks are carefully hand painted and slowly kiln fired to achieve bright and beautiful colours.

If you have any doubts, please contact me!

Registered mail only, with tracking number.

Thank you for checking out my shop! 🌿🌼

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